Bela Padel Center

Bela Padel Center


The first Bela Padel Center opened in Alicante in 2020. Bela Padel Center is the home of legendary player Fernando "Bela" Belasteguín. Currently available in Alicante in Spain with an ambition to grow into more countries in the persuit of growing the sport of padel in the world. 

"In addition to Barcelona, ​​where we will open another center, we were considering two more places in Spain: Alicante and Marbella. And we decided on the one in Playa de San Juan because of the location. It seduced me from the beginning. Due to its climate, Alicante has a great sports culture. It is one of the areas of Spain with the most practitioners and attendees of Padel tournaments. There are many positive things and the Department of Sports has also supported us from the beginning. And now, we have to work hard, because creating a brand costs a lifetime and loosing it is just seconds. I am delighted." - Bela


"It is very clear to me: I will never tell a father to bring his children to Bela Padel Center because I will assure him that they will be professional players. What we will assure them is that padel is not the end, but the way to educate them in the values ​​of sport that I have learned for many years and that it starts from daily effort and sacrifice." - Bela

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